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Another day, another bizarre activity. Tonight it was entering the surprisingly exhilarating world of dog shows.

I headed to Madison Square Garden to watch the second and final night of the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show, and I was immediately sucked in.

For three hours, I joined the rest of the crowd in gasping and cooing – and shaking my head in horror when the little guys jumped playfully out of line. There were screams for the immaculate favourites – the Old English Sheepdog, the Westie, the Golden Retriever – and cheers when a line of long-haired terriers trotted past, their shiny coats making them resemble running carpets.

Definitely not Best Seat in Show

Definitely not Best Seat in Show

Finalists in the Working Dog category

Finalists in the Working Dog category (the Portuguese Water Dog took it)

As much as I was rooting for the Smooth Fox Terrier to beat his six fellow finalists to win Best in Show, the Affenpinscher nabbed the title (and our hearts, with his ridiculously tiny, smiley face).


Yes, dog shows are an odd world, and I can’t imagine the hours of training and primping that go into it – as well as how seriously all the owners must take it. But I was totally won over. I even had a nervous lurch in my stomach ahead of the results and I wasn’t alone; around me Kentucky grannies yelled alongside bros and sharp businessmen as their favourites sashayed onto the lawn.

Oh, and did I mention you could nip backstage too?

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They were all amazing. But you know what? None of them were as lovely as my Liki back home: