Bluth's Banana Stand

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a show on Netflix that I could put on in the background as I got ready, or if I just needed a brief distraction. Arrested Development popped up as a suggestion, so I went for it – unaware that a few weeks on I’d be a serious addict.

I cannot get enough of it. I’m now half-way through season two, which puts me on track for when the new season (four) hits Netflix at the end of the month.

George Michael and Maeby in the Banana Stand

George Michael and Maeby in the Banana Stand

In celebration, the show has brought its famed Bluth’s Banana Stand to New York for four days this week. And today I tracked it down to Columbus Circle – hoping it wasn’t burned down or trashed before I got there, as the Bluths are wont to do.

Bluth's Banana Stand P1020878 P1020882

I was giddy with excitement when I spotted the yellow monstrosity (with no sign of George Michael at work, surprise surprise) but so disappointed to learn there were no frozen bananas left! That didn’t stop the queues for pictures though.

The queue begins...

The queue begins…

...and it goes on...

…and it goes on…

... and on and on

… and on and on

I was hopeful I’d be able to go home and order the bananas online after hearing they’d set up a Seamless page. But then I learned it was a fake!

Ah well, I got to see the amazing Banana Stand – and it got me excited about all the new Arrested Development episodes that are on their way.