Tonight after work, Meghan, Snejana and I popped across the road to Papatzul to fill up on frozen Margaritas and sopes. When we stumbled out an hour or so later, my belly was full – and I desperately needed to walk it off.

I decided to head to Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir – an 106-acre, decommissioned reservoir in the middle of Central Park. I have looked at a map of the park who knows how many times, but for some reason I never knew the reservoir existed until my colleague Mike suggested I visit a couple of days ago. Perfect timing for my full belly.

I jumped off the subway at 86th Street and entered the park from the west side. A couple of minutes later and I reached the reservoir as the sun was beginning to set.

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There was a faint buzz of traffic in the distance but apart from that, it was so peaceful looking over the water, with the sun splashing orange hues across the buildings. With rows of joggers dodging around me, I made my way around the reservoir, which has a two-mile path lining its perimeter.

I always thought that Midtown was pretty grim-looking and that the Upper Sides were quite non-descript, but the rare open space allowed me to see that it wasn’t half bad. And for the first time in a while, I could breathe.

(And work off some sopes.)

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