It’s about time I did something good, so today I battled the rain and took part in the city’s AIDS Walk – an annual event where thousands of participants power through Central Park to raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness, services and treatment.

I was supposed to take part with a friend (who shall remain nameless) but after a few too many drinks yesterday, he never showed up. But a bit of a headache and rain weren’t going to put me off so, after a few stretches and hearing some amazing performances and inspirational stories on the main stage, I put in my music and powered through the park.


Bebe Nuewirth


Amaaazing performance by Alex Newell from Glee

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This guy’s got the right idea

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To be honest, the walk was a little miserable. It didn’t stop raining for the entire 6.2 miles, and the number of people on the paths meant there was a fair bit of bottle necking. But just as my shoes were beginning to squelch, the singing started and the cheering began and I didn’t mind that much really. It was really moving.

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The one thing I really appreciated is how inclusive it is as a fundraising activity. You can sign up to the walk until before the event, you don’t need to pay and most people can muster a 10k walk and yet it’s still something to feel proud of. This year, with 30,000 participants, they made a staggering $5.5 million for an amazing cause.

Erm. I might be a bit wet

Erm. I might be a bit wet

P1030208 P1030209

For my part, I only signed up a few days ago and some of you amazing people helped me reach $175 (and if anyone wants to give me any more, you can here). Thank you! And because I raised over $150, I got this snazzy t-shirt. Hurrah, dry clothes!