A bonus blog today…

Remember when I was in a music video? Well, it’s finally out!

The lovely Lindsay Ellyn has released the video of ‘Somebody Love Those Girls’ and it’s gorgeous. The song, which is about women desperate to be loved, is heart-wrenching but beautiful – and watching the video brought back memories of a great day learning about the process in front of the camera.

Have a watch:

Lindsay explains:

‘I often get asked what this song is about. I love that people have interpreted it in different ways, and I’d never correct anybody. Music is how you hear it. But as I wrote it, it’s about what happens when we relinquish accountability for our own happiness. The relationship between our attitude and our actions. And who we’re left with when the dust settles.’

This is such an exciting time for Lindsay, and I can’t wait for other songs, videos and shows to come. Congratulations Lindsay!


What a beauty