P1040701Being in the U.S. this week to see the historic moment that DOMA was thrown out by the Supreme Court (opening the door for same-sex couples to receive equal benefits as straight married couples) was so exciting. And this weekend, there has been a chance to celebrate it: Pride.

During the Pride March last year, my friend Kate was in town and we spent a couple of hours dodging crowds and blockades to get home. This year, I decided to be part of those crowds and show my support as I hollered at the floats, dancers and waving flags.

Passing hundreds of scantily-clad revellers, I headed to Greenwich Village to watch the parade bob by. Even though it was raining, everyone was in amazing spirits – the cheering didn’t stop and although the dancers had been shimmying for tens of blocks already, there was no stopping them. I was on my own, but couldn’t stop grinning or bopping along with them.P1040706 P1040709 P1040721 P1040722 P1040716 P1040725

I feel so proud of the U.S. for what they’ve achieved this week. And it was fantastic to have the opportunity so soon after that momentous ruling to come and show that pride – in the U.S. and for the tenacity and positivity of the LGBT community.P1040724