…visited the world’s largest gingerbread village

Gingerbread LaneLet’s get back to some Christmas events, shall we? How about a massive cityscape made of nothing but gingerbread, candy, icing and lashings of patience? Yes – I thought it sounded like a winner too.

So today Ryan and I hopped in the car and went to the New York Hall of Science in Corona, Queens for the world’s largest gingerbread exhibit, which I’d spotted in the New York Times last week.

I’d been so fixated on seeing those gingerbread houses that I’d not really thought about other things we could do at the museum – and it was those activities that turned out to be the biggest treat of the day.

But of course, we went there via Gingerbread Lane.P1130315

When we first reached the exhibition, it was much smaller and messier than I’d imagined – sweets stuck on haphazardly, crumbling icing and crude, lopsided buildings. But when I walked around once and looked a little closer, I realized just how much thought, preparation, creativity and time had gone into this monstrous scene of sweeties.P1130292 P1130293 P1130291

P1130316 P1130318 P1130331P1130295The whole creation features 164 buildings, which weigh a whopping 1.5 tons in total – earning it the title of the world’s largest edible gingerbread exhibit in the Guinness Book of World Records. It was made by chef Jon Lovitch, who lovingly baked every single piece in his Bronx apartment before assembling the village at the museum.

Section explaining how he put it all together...

Section explaining how he put it all together…

P1130304 P1130305

As with the train show at the Transit Museum last week, the highlights were in the details. The little sign posts, the piped Christmas trees, the cartoonish fire engines, the smiling carousel horses and the jelly-dotted castles. They weren’t stuck together willy nilly – no, they all seemed to have been designed and placed with thought.

And as a whole, the scene created one sweet spectacle.P1130326 P1130324P1130314 P1130310 P1130323 P1130322 P1130320P1130332

The exhibit was perfect for kids (big and small) – just like the rest of the museum.

The museum is fantastic – it’s how you want every museum to be: interactive and thankfully not too busy. We wandered through floors of optical illusions, sports games and space adventures – getting involved as much as we could.


So strong he's creating a tornado

So strong he’s creating a tornado

Learning where my ancestors are from, based on my skin color

Learning where my ancestors are from, based on my skin color


Many places - apart from where my family currently lives

Many places – apart from where my family currently lives

Using my nose as a mouse

Using my nose as a mouse


Ryan gives it a go too - using his nose to write me a message

Ryan gives it a go too – using his nose to write me a message


The optical illusion floor – complete with a hall of mirrors – was our favorite.

Hall of mirrors

Hall of mirrors


Tall and skinny

Tall and skinny

vs squidgy and mini

vs squidgy and mini

P1130381 P1130382

Different colors in a shadow

Different colors in a shadow


Odd perspective room

Odd perspective room


I'm flying

I’m flying

P1130409 P1130410

Then we headed to Mars and the batting cages.P1130412

Testing his steady hand

Testing his steady hand

P1130431 P1130347P1130421 P1130430

While the New York Hall of Science is a little further away than the city’s other good museums, it is by far the most interactive – and therefore fun – one I have been to all year. The gingerbread exhibit was cute, but my favorite part about it was how it gave me the nudge to get up there and see what other goodies the museum had to offer.P1130435

It also gave me some pretty good tips for next weekend, when I have a gingerbread house session planned. Pictures to follow!

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  1. Charlit

    Good to see you’ve picked up day’s amazing “mirror trick” there. What happens to the gingerbread house after the exhibition?

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