Between searching for new apartments and finding someone to take over mine, I’ve not had much time for many new things recently. One thing I’ve fancied – but haven’t got around to yet – is Jeff Koons’ new exhibit at the Whitney Museum. But this is New York, so there’s always a much quicker, cheaper alternative – if you need one.

To coincide with the exhibit, the Rockefeller Plaza has welcomed the artist’s ‘Split Rocker’ – a massive half rocking horse, half toy dinosaur that’s covered with flowers. I headed there after work to say hello.

But of course, as soon as I arrived and saw the huge creature towering above me, my camera ran out of battery. So please make do with these terrible, terrible images courtesy of my very scratched iPhone:

image-1image-3 image-4

It’s very pretty in the flesh, I promise. The hollow, 37-foot-high structure is dotted with 50,000 flowering plants and looks over the Plaza’s restaurant and fountains. The location, where the famous Christmas Tree sits in the winter, is a perfect spot for this guy, who’s visiting until September. And for the kids visiting the massive Lego store nearby, the cartoonish figure is a bonus treat. I’m not quite sure how they water it or keep it looking quite so spry, but it’s pretty impressive.

Let’s have a look at some much better pictures, courtesy of Instagram:

And my favorite:

Thanks to matthewmcq, internationaljonkattstrange and artscoopbrasil for the images!