Those cavorters behind are going to put me off my dinner

Earlier this week when I was in Madison Square Park, I saw a familiar sight – scores of people queuing for Shake Shack, a burger bar in the center of the park. And it’s the best advertising, because I assumed I was missing something.

Until now, I’ve never endured the Madison Square Park queue, but today Ryan and I headed there to find out the secret everyone else seems to know. I’ve never seen Shake Shack before moving to New York, but whenever you mention it here, the response is always the same: ‘Omigod it’s so goooddd.’

Ryan and I joined the queue this afternoon and timed how long it took.P1100383 P1100379 P1100384

Cannot. Face. The. Queue

Cannot. Face. The. Queue

Getting there...

Getting there…

Half an hour and a lot of people watching later, we reached the front, which was a pain in the ass but also not as long as I expected. We ordered fries, shakes (peanut butter for me, vanilla for him) and a mushroom burger to share and after another 10 minutes, we finally got our hands on our grub and headed for the grass.P1100396 P1100401 P1100398



P1100405 P1100406 P1100407

In an early bonding moment a few months ago, Ryan and I learned that we both shared a bizarre love of dipping fries in milkshakes (but courtesy of McDonald’s, rather than here) and so were excited to give it a go. If you plan on doing this (you probably won’t), stick to the vanilla shake as it works much better.P1100410 P1100409 P1100413

The food was pretty good – the fries weren’t half as greasy as you’d get elsewhere and the burger had a tasty mayo relish thing going on. And the peanut butter shake was gorgeous. While it was good, I’m not sure it was worth waiting a total of 40 minutes for. I guess the long queue convinces everyone that this is simply the best.

Also – the squirrels there are enough to put anyone off. I made the mistake of throwing a chip to one, and before I knew it, we were having a standoff with this horrid creature. He got so close to us and even though Ryan was trying to scare him away, I was certain he was going to pounce. So we left. Squirrel 1 – Lydia and Ryan – 0.

Put em up, put em up

Put em up, put em up