Lots of firsts today. A new state! A visit to Portland! The first time I got on a bike in about 15 years!

After more travel delays, I arrived in Portland, Oregon hours later than I’d hoped – but thankfully still in time to watch the sun set over the city’s waterfront as I wobbled around on a rented cruiser.


20130117-213217.jpgIt’s true what they say about riding a bike, and the cruiser was a dream to glide over the narrow bridges and the wide walkways as I snapped away at the industrial skyline, the calm waters and the pinkening clouds. I cycled over Steel Bridge onto the east side of the water before looping back around on Hawthorne Bridge. And it was a very appropriate way to scout out my surroundings in the city dubbed America’s Bicycle Capital.


20130117-213237.jpgAs cheesy as it sounds, riding the bike made me feel so joyful. Like the 12 year old I was when I last rode one. And it made me wonder why I don’t do it in New York – well, until I remembered the cab drivers. But I’ll be checking out the safer options of routes through the park and across the bridges when I’m back.


P.s Spot the new state on my ‘states I’ve visited’ map!