The Scream

The Museum of Modern Art has free entry on a Friday evening so, after work, I jumped on the E train and shuffled through the snow to claim my ticket. Aside from saving $25, the real draw was seeing Edvard Munch’s The Scream up close.

Or so I’d hoped. Everyone else in the city apparently also went to MoMA tonight, so there was a lot of queuing and fair bit of tongue biting as I battled the crowds for a moment in front of the artwork.

Get out of the way please

Get out of the way please

I suppose that when a work of art is so familiar, you never really look at it. But tonight, given (half) a chance, I realised how different The Scream was than my image of it.

The piece on show is the third out of his four Scream composititions and it’s pastel on cardboard, so there’s a lot less texture than I’d imagined. But this only serves to make it more haunting and delicate, an insight into Munch’s troubled mind. It’s almost too simple, but that’s also what’s so powerful about it.

Today’s the day I also created my first ever Vine video, but I haven’t figured out how to upload them here yet, so see below for the YouTube version. I think it’s going to get pretty addictive.