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With a massive snowstorm brewing, I need to pack on a bit more insulation, so tonight I went to The City Bakery’s annual Hot Chocolate Festival. Without a doubt, I am now a few stone heavier.

As well as being my first Hot Chocolate Festival, it was also the first time I’ve ever bought a mug of hot chocolate, if you can believe it. I’ve always thought it was far too rich – and the espresso chocolate on offer tonight definitely lived up to that expectation.


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The staff ladled the melted chocolate into cups before dunking a massive homemade marshmallow in the top. As a veggie, I opted out of the marshmallow, but the chocolate was more than enough sweetness. Oh dear god, was it sweet. And thick. And comforting. And so delicious.

And all I could manage was about four sips.



The festival is held at the cafe (on 18th and 5th Ave) every February, and each day they spotlight a different house-made flavor. My server told me I should try the ginger hot chocolate on another visit and when I flinched in horror, she looked me dead in the eye and said: ‘You need to.’

Either that was a line or it is the most delicious hot chocolate known to humankind. In my limited experience, the espresso kind can’t be that far behind it.

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Other goodies on offer

Other goodies on offer

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Here are the flavours still on offer. Without the marshmallow I shelled out $5.50 (that’s $1.37 a sip!)