Valentine’s Day. Which means chocolate and wine. Why not together?

After our Valentine’s date, Dylan and I cracked open a bottle of ‘Sweet Red’, a chocolate-flavored wine from Chocolat Rouge in California. Immediately the smell hit me – a whiff of synthetic chocolate, like a sticker you’d scratch in school or the hind of a My Little Pony.

As for taste, it was like a chocolate-covered cherry. And for a mixture of red wine and chocolate – two rich flavours – it was surprisingly thin.

Saying that, it’s also a pretty impressive blending of the flavours. It tastes like red wine, but it also tastes like chocolate, and none overpowers the other. I can see its appeal as a dessert red wine and it’d be perfect for those who enjoy a White Zinfandel or a Riesling.

But for me it was too sweet and, sadly, it was no Valentine’s love affair.