Nearly at 6 ft...

Nearly at model height…

I’ve drunk a few too many cherry vodka-flavored soda water cranberry things, so this will be short and sweet. But you know what I learned tonight? That – if I hadn’t already predicted it – the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is a bit weird.

We gathered in The Space on N 3rd and Wythe to see the neighbourhood’s answer to New York Fashion Week. It meant plenty of tattoos, some pretty horrific dancing and a fair few nipples.








There were six new designers on show. They presented neon tutus, pig masks, LED tees and clothes crafted from bamboo fibers. My favourite – and the only one who seemed to have any commercial future – was Derrick Hinds. His designs were clear, well-executed and had something to say.

Just don’t ask me what. I forgot about six cherry vodka-flavored things ago.

Finally, some sanity

Finally, some sanity


Our fashionista pouts

Our fashionista pouts