I’m on holiday, so it’s about time for some pampering.

Today Lauren and I went to Eve Spa in Paisley to unwind with the help of mud chambers, Chinese salt treatments, saunas, steamers and aroma rooms. There was lots of gossiping and even more sweating.

I’ve never really done spas, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Our host Nicky handed us two pots of mud and talked us through the stages of the Rasul mud chamber: shower, slather on the mud, sit in a heated chair as steam whirls around you for half an hour, shower and then marvel at your beautifully soft skin.

So there was mud slathering – white for our faces, jobby brown for our bodies. It didn’t look like much, but it went far. (The pictures are a bit steamy – in more way than one.)

20130311-233521.jpg 20130311-233529.jpg

Then we sat and waited. There seemed to be a lot of sitting and waiting and Lauren and I were convinced the 30 minutes must be up – when one of the spa ladies told us they’d forgotten to switch on the steam! Oops. So even more sitting and chatting later, we were relieved when the shower finally kicked in and washed away the mud and the pools of sweat.

And although it might not look it, my skin really did feel amazing.

Then we hopped from room to room, trying our best to endure the heat of the sauna, steam room and Chinese Salt room, but much preferring the foot spas, aroma room (which smelled of lavender) and heated recliners.


After three hours of pampering, we were ready for some scran and headed to the changing room – where Lauren tried to sit down but spied an elderly lady’s vajayjay and totally missed the chair.

But flashing-related injuries aside, what a great day out. It was something I’d never have thought to do (thanks Lauren!). Apart from the steam incident, the staff were amazing and the place was immaculate. There were only about five other people there, so it was very relaxing – although they were privy to all our latest news, so probably wouldn’t agree.