Dylan met me as I landed at JFK this afternoon and, a couple of subway stops later, we’d agreed to break up. We’ve realized that we want different things and that something’s not been right for a while. But after a lot of honesty and a little bit of joking to take the edge off, we agreed we wanted be friends. It was so sad – and will continue to be – but I’m happy that it was all so ridiculously amicable.

And we started as we mean to go on: By watching a movie about naked Japanese nuns, naturally. We headed to the snug Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg, a place I’ve heard a lot about but have never been. It seats around 30 people and shows old, arty films for $5 a viewing.

We joined Jessica, who thought our ‘news’ was that we were pregnant. Oops. (Although funnily enough, she and I do both look with child in this picture.)


Tonight Spectacle was showing The School of the Holy Beast, a 1974 ‘nunsploitation’ film about brutality, back-stabbing and sexual perversity in a Japanese Convent. It was bizarre and bloody – and much more appropriate for the night than a romantic comedy.

Not the best day, but definitely a good decision. Let’s hope there are lots more non-dates like this with Dylan to come.