Pillow fight

Ah New York, you’re so bizarre.

Today I headed to Washington Square Park for a massive pillow fight – an annual event that sees people smacking each other over the head with pillows for three hours. Because, why not?

I met up with Elektra and we threw ourselves into the sweaty, surprisingly violent mob. It didn’t hurt but it was unbelievably frantic – and brought back horrifying memories of teenage mosh pits. I couldn’t breathe!

Pillow fight Pillow fight Pillow fight P1010339 P1010343


After a couple of short stints, we clambered to safety and watched the madness unfold as feathers floated into the sky. We couldn’t believe how long the fight lasted – when we eventually took off a couple of hours later, it was still going strong.

This is a serious sport; I need to start training for next year.

Pillow fight