Little Muenster

Gooey cheese squished in a sandwich used to sound like my worst nightmare, but since semi-overcoming my fear a couple of months ago, I was ready for National Grilled Cheese Day. Plus it’s pretty much America’s national dish.

This is New York, so of course they have specialist restaurants for these sorts of things. After work I scuttled along to Little Muenster in the Lower East Side, which sells all things grilled cheese. Check out these flavours.

Little Muenster

The whole restaurant is so cute and a really good date spot, I reckon. The sandwiches are served on little wooden trays with mini pans of soup as diners sit beneath a massive cheese grater lamp.

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I couldn’t hang around so there was no eating in for me, but I opted for the Asiago, Muenster and butternut squash sandwich and took it with me for a stroll through the LES.

For a place only selling grilled cheese, you’d expect they’d know what they’re doing, and they sure did. Buttery bread, sweet butternut squash, just enough cheese not to freak me out… Mmm. I’ll be heading back to Little Muenster!

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