Katie looks longingly at Tea & Sympathy

Katie looks longingly at Tea & Sympathy

I’ve been going all out with my New York experiences, but today I got the day off: Today it was St George’s Day, and time to celebrate the motherland.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever actually celebrated St. George’s Day in England, but this year, being so far from home, I was really keen to mark it. It meant visiting a small strip of British businesses that I’ve long admired but never been to. Oh, and it also meant being a bit of a glutton.

After work, Katie and I headed to Greenwich Village to Tea & Sympathy for a proper cuppa. As you’d expect, the place is lined with British memorabilia and a lot of teapots. We also ordered scones, which came with jam (no, not jelly) and clotted cream. I had more treats planned, so stashed one in my bag to take home.

Tea and Sympathy Tea and Sympathy
Hmmm something's not right here...

Hmmm something’s not right here…

This place may be expensive, but it is so cute. And having a goss with a fellow Brit and necking a delicious pot of proper tea, I almost felt like I was back home. But there was more…

Once the scone had settled, we nipped next door to the craftily named A Salt and Battery for some proper fish n’ chips. (Although I swapped the fish for some good ol’ mushy peas.) The chips were vinegary and perfectly squidgy – the only things missing were a mini wooden fork and Mummy Warren to nick a few of the best ones.

A Salt and Battery A Salt and Battery
We Brits are a healthy bunch

We Brits are a healthy bunch


I wished the staff a happy St George’s Day, and they had no idea what I was talking about. It’s a shame we don’t celebrate it more, but I’m glad I made the effort this year. Even if no one else in the city fancies celebrating it, I’m committed to doing it every April 23 from now on… if I’m still here next year.

A Salt and Battery

P.s. Did you know I worked in a chippie a few years ago?