The sun is out, which means one thing in the summer: Time to head to Smorgasburg.

Smoragsburg is a huge flea food market held every Saturday in summer along the East River in Williamsburg. There are food stands selling snacks to be enjoyed in the sunshine, while others sell beautiful jars and tins to take away. The place is ridiculously busy and some of the queues are obnoxious. Which can only mean everything is worth waiting for.

SmorgasburgI meandered past it a few times last year, but never actually sampled any of the snacks on offer. Today, I set that right and, with Noah in tow, tasted treats from the five boroughs. I was actually so full of freebies that I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything. Hurrah, free lunch!

We admired perfect rainbow-coloured macaroons, mini cheesecakes and crusty pies. We sampled crisp pickles from McClure’s and crackers piled with beer cheese (yes, beer cheese), while passersby munched on massive turkey legs, vegan ice cream and tacos.

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Magic chopsticks

Magic chopsticks

Sadly, I was unable to find the frozen banana stand I had repeatedly eyed last year. Ah well, I’ll just have to come back!

Another great thing about Smorgasburg is that it’s right by the river overlooking Manhattan, and on a beautiful day like today, it’s perfect for a picnic. Crowds of people filter out from the food fair and enjoy their snacks on the grass, while enjoying the East River breeze. Perfect for a lazy, sunny Saturday.


It looked like this one couple particularly enjoyed the nibbles.