Johnny Utah's

I’ve drunk far too many frozen Margaritas to make sense at this point. Or maybe it’s concussion – because tonight I rode a mechanical bull.

With a group of work friends, I headed to Johnny Utah’s – a grimy Midtown spot famous for its bull – and eventually convinced two of the others, James and Hayley, to give it a go too.

After a couple of drinks and lots of admiring the form of other bull riders, we were up.

And how I worked it. Screaming, flailing, gripping on with one hand and occasionally waving the other in the air. While some of the other women made it look sexy, my yelping and grimacing must’ve been pretty horrendous to witness. But who cares – this was fun!

I managed a whole 40 seconds. Much better than the four or so I’d expected. Afterwards, my hiney was sore, my lower back had lost all feeling and my legs were a little chafed. But I was proud!

Johnny Utah’s is a pretty shocking place – lovely ladies bopping on the bar while men in suits leer at them – but the mechanical bull is a winner. Want more? Check out Hayley and James.

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