5 PointzTonight after work, I jumped on the E train and, to my surprise, was in Long Island City only 25 minutes later. It was my first trip out there and worth it to see one of New York’s hidden gems: 5 Pointz.

5 Pointz – a nod to the five boroughs – is known as ‘graffiti Mecca’ and it’s a mix between absolute mankiness and total magnificence. It’s a massive factory covered in the most beautiful, varied graffiti which is updated nearly every weekend by artists from all over the world.P1040388 P1040357


Ever since I took the graffiti tour in the LES – and developed a heightened awareness for street art – I’ve been keen to go to 5 Pointz. And it didn’t disappoint. I just couldn’t take it all in; I kept noticing new details or hidden pieces in places I swear I’d already looked.

Have a peek! And get there before it closes in September!

P1040377 P1040376 P1040369 P1040373 P1040372 P1040361 P1040360 P1040346 P1040343 P1040335 P1040386

P1040347 P1040378 P1040379 P1040383P1040390 P1040381

View from the subway home

View from the subway home