It’s summer! So today Ryan and I headed to the Hudson to kayak – and to get some pretty horrendous sunburn.

The kayaking is held at various points along the Hudson – and although it’s free, there was not a queue in sight. Of course, don’t do what I do, which was dress for winter.

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Heading to Jersey

Heading to Jersey

Ryan does sweet FA

Ryan does sweet FA

Ben and Jodie show us how it's done

Ben and Jodie show us how it’s done

We were confined to an area between piers and while it was large enough to fit a fair few kayaks and boats, of course it would have been better to head further out. It would have been more work on my part though, as Ryan seemed to be enjoying doing sweet FA while I was powering away.

This is a fantastic summer activity – free, beautiful weather, the Jersey skyline, Freedom Tower in the distance. And only a few floating jobbies to remind us where we were. Kayaking together is a really fun thing to do; if you’re looking to do this yourself, perhaps you could look at getting a two person kayak.

Don't forget a change of clothes!

Don’t forget a change of clothes!

P.s. I know I still owe you a blog from Saturday. I will write it up today!