The U.S. has been very good to me. She’s introduced me to brilliant people, given me some unforgettable experiences across 33 states and let me live in the best city in the world. So tonight – the 4th of July – I raised a beer (Bud, of course) to say thanks.

Obviously I heard a fair few very original, very funny quips along the lines of ‘Today marks the day we defeated you British scum’, but aside from that, the celebrations were great.

I headed to a rooftop party in Alphabet City. We gathered as the sun set and watched as the sky grew dark – before it was illuminated with fireworks.

Patriotic colours (colors)

Patriotic colours (colors)

An Australian man, Englishman and Irishman celebrate 4th July

An Australian man, an Englishman and an Irishman celebrate 4th July

Lovely ladies

Lovely ladies


Because of where we were, we saw the displays put on all over the city – those at the Hudson River to our west, others at the Brooklyn Bridge to our south, and others that were just yards from us at another roof deck. I will never stop marveling at this amazing skyline.P1040802 Imageimage (1) image

(It wasn’t the only view we got, though. Earlier in the evening, a man seemed to be unaware of the lack of coverage his frosted bathroom window gave him. He even took out a hairdryer to make sure he was dry – in every nook and cranny. So what did I – the creep – do? I took pictures of course.)


Thanks for having me, America!