The lake by day

The lake by day

After Bree and Brad’s beautiful wedding ceremony last night, Lizzie, Paul, Ricardo and I decided to keep the party going – and they decided to give me a hand with today’s new experience in the early hours of this morning.

We walked west to the beach for a dip in Lake Michigan – a freshwater lake that’s so massive that it looks like the ocean – and waded through the sand to the water’s edge.

Much to Lizzie’s and my horror, we looked up to see naked hineys as Ricardo and Paul fully embraced the experience as they ran to the water. Ever the ladies, Lizzie and I opted for a paddle instead… until Ricardo dunked me.

I don’t know what I was more horrified by – the fact that I got the bottom of Mummy Warren’s beautiful dress wet or the fact that Ricardo was very naked and very close.P1050906 P1050924 P1050927

P1050915The water was freezing but this was a truly memorable way to end a truly memorable evening. I loved being there for Bree’s big day (I only bawled a couple of times) and these guys were such good fun. I love Chicago!

Good job guys!

Good job guys

And don’t worry Gel, I got in the shower with my dress on when I got back to my hotel room, and it’s as good as new, I promise!

And congratulations Bree

And congratulations beautiful Bree!