Narrowest house

Can you see her?

On the way to dinner tonight, I took a mini detour to Greenwich Village for a peek at the city’s narrowest house – a house so small that it’s only half an address: 75 1/2 Bedford Street.P1060539

P1060545At only 9.5 feet wide, the puny pad is very New York. When I went to Colorado earlier this year, it hit me that everyone there must think New Yorkers are so silly for living stacked on top of each other. But we all do it because this city is fantastic – so fantastic and so pushed for space that someone’s willing to pay $3.5 million for this piddling piece of property. P1060544 P1060542When the three-bedroom, two-bathroom house – which was once owned by Cary Grant – went into contract at the start of the summer, one of my colleagues covered it at the Mail. And I learned that although the house is tiny, it’s immaculate inside:house2 house house5

There was no looking inside for me today, but I made do with marvelling at it from the street – and appreciating that my tiny East Village flat is a little wider. (Maybe.)

It's on a lovely street

It’s on a lovely street