Greenacre Park

I wore tights for the first time this week and switched to hot coffees. Autumn appears to be winning.

This means I need to cram in as many outdoor new experiences, activities and visits as I can – sharpish. So tonight I took advantage of New York’s great outdoors – by visiting a city center waterfall.

After work I jumped on the 6 train and got off at 51st Street. A block away, between 3rd and 2nd Aves, I came across a little-known oasis: Greenacre Park. It’s a privately owned public park and set back a little off the street. And it’s immaculate – wooden tables, perfectly kept flowerbeds, a mini stream and a waterfall. Yes, a waterfall right in the middle of Midtown. And it’s no piddly water feature either.

P1090168 P1090172Greenacre Park P1090174 P1090187P1090180 P1090200

Apart from how well the whole space is kept, the waterfall is what makes this park so fantastic. Its crashing waters block out the nearby rush hour horns and sirens, so you could be anywhere. I stayed for ages, transfixed by the water (and by the lovely Bauhaus-esque building behind), and only dipped into my book every now and then.

Greenacre ParkP1090183

Eventually the autumn chill was too much so I headed past the stream and flowers and back into the noise of New York.

This is a great spot for winding down after work. Yes it was a little chilly – but I’m glad I managed to get here before Winter elbows in.

Greenacre Park Greenacre Park Greenacre Park