My fellow countryman Banksy is causing a daily frenzy on the streets of New York. The artist has started a month’s ‘residency’ in the city, and every day this month, a new work will crop up somewhere – causing fans to sprint through the streets to be the first to see it.

Today I tracked down his third piece – on 24th and 6th Avenue – and I was glad to see it hadn’t been too defaced.


Someone had written ‘My first tag was a Bansy’ – yes, without the K.

Now, without trying to sound like everyone else, I love Banksy. Not only is his style perfectly executed, but he’s hilarious. Check out three more that he’s done so far this month:

banksy1 banksy2 banksy3

Of course he’s not the only top artist who’s recognizable on the streets of New York and I’d encourage you to tour some of the others. When I went on an LES tour earlier this year, the work of Joseph Meloy really caught my eye and I like how he’s also getting something from Banksy’s latest spotlight – because he has a piece on the same wall. I’m not sure if this was an old piece or a new one slyly added after Banksy arrived, but either way he was featured on a newscast this week. Haha.

Spot Meloy's work bottom right (photo by Ned Horneffer)

Spot Meloy’s work bottom right (photo by Ned Horneffer)


You can check out the rest of Banksy’s residency by keeping up with his Instagram or website.