P1110005Tucked away on East 11th Street is one of the city’s top music venues: Webster Hall. I’ve been meaning to go here for ages and this week, Hillary asked me if I wanted to go there for a date to watch a British band, Frightened Rabbit.

I, er, have to admit that I didn’t actually know them before I went. But after a few YouTube searches, I found out they are a five-piece Scottish band with thick accents and some pretty great folk-rock tunes.

We met at Webster Hall and made a beeline for upstairs. The whole venue is standing space – there’s a ground floor which can hold around 1,000 people and then one level above. We grabbed G&Ts (which were served in pint glasses – what the!) and a spot right on the upper level.

The first band was the Augustines, three musicians from Brooklyn. I wasn’t a massive fan of his voice (or his hat), but we had a bit of a bop and waited for the main event.P1110006

P1110016 P1110013

Frightened Rabbit were brilliant – for 90 minutes they rocked out with some heavier guitars than I’d expected, and even threw in some organs and electronic drums. The crowd was enthralled – singing and bopping along as the musicians overshared and raged about relationships and rubbish drugs.P1110026 P1110032 P1110029

At one point, the lead singer, Scott Hutschison, took his guitar and began playing alone on the upper level, under a single spotlight. He had everyone’s attention. While Webster Hall was big enough to cram lots of us in, it was still small enough to feel pretty personal in a moment like this.P1110050 P1110056 P1110054

A great show at a brilliant venue that’s right on my doorstep. Thanks for the invite, Hillary!P1110023http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzjERZU3wbY