Continuing with the spooky theme, today I decided to call in on the Ghostbusters’ firehouse. This whole time this movie treasure has been just a few blocks away from my office at 14 North Moore Street in Tribeca.

Time for a disclaimer – in the 1984 film, the Ghostbusters set up their firehouse inside an abandoned three-story firehouse in Manhattan. But in real life, it’s two separate buildings: The inside is the Los Angeles Station Company 23 firehouse, while the outside is the still-in-operation Hook and Ladder No. 8 firehouse in Tribeca. I say this recognizable exterior makes it the real one, don’t you?



When I arrived tonight, I saw that the station continues to pay homage to its movie role with a painting on the ground.


Then the door opened, giving me a peek inside – and no doubt getting some exasperated eye-rolls from the firemen who have to endure a steady stream of tourists every day as they go about their jobs.

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On previous Halloweens, the station has been open and firefighters have handed out sweets to kids. Which I reckon sounds a pretty good option – especially as it’s gotta be one of the safest places to be on Halloween.