P1130183Thanksgiving has fallen very late this year which means that, for the first time since 1888, it’s also overlapped with the start of Hanukkah (giving way to a new holiday: Thanksgivukkah.)

It’s such a rare occurrence that it’s supposedly not going to happen again for another 79,043 years – so I thought I should do something to take note.

After work and ahead of a delicious Thanksgiving feast, I headed up to the southeast tip of Central Park to see the world’s biggest menorah, which went up earlier this week to mark the Festival of Lights.P1130190

P1130189Every night at 5.30pm another candle on the large golden structure is lit until all of its candles are glowing. At 32 foot high and 4,000 lbs heavy, it’s the largest in the world – and matches another, slightly more decorative one that’s just been put up in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza.

If I’m honest, the whole thing looked a little flimsy! It didn’t really stand up against the austere surroundings of the park and the Plaza. Perhaps there’d be more of an atmosphere during one of the lighting ceremonies.P1130200

But this was worth the trip – if for nothing but to give a nod to the city’s Jewish residents and faith as I spend so much time thinking about Christmas and Thanksgiving parades.

Happy Hanukkah and/or happy Thanksgivukkah!

Heading back to the stuffing!

Heading back to the stuffing!