P1130567Are you tired of reading about me doing Christmas things? Because, while I never thought the day would come, I’m pretty tired of writing about them. So I promise this will be my last one. (For a couple of days.)

Tonight I headed to Union Square’s Holiday Market well aware that I’ve overdosed on festive cheer recently – and feeling a bit ridiculous for going to yet another Christmas event. But then I got there – and promptly realized that this market tops the others I’ve been to so far.

It meanders across the square between 14th and 17th Streets, overlooked by the Empire State Building.P1130524 P1130565

It was deceptively huge. There were stands of jewels, snacks, hats, toys, artwork and plenty more…P1130548 P1130549 P1130560 P1130532 P1130531P1130571 P1130564

P1130570 P1130568There were also plenty of stands perfect for stocking fillers – cute homeware, punny gifts and useless knick knacks. I stocked up to give Santa a hand.P1130563 P1130543 P1130542 P1130544
There was also this amazing pet store...

There was also this amazing pet store…

P1130529 P1130528
Dog booties

Dog booties

There was also a handful of food stalls – Sigmund’s Pretzels, hot cider, crepes – but the focus was on the gifts, and those stands went on and on…P1130541 P1130533 P1130537 P1130545 P1130550 P1130558 P1130556 P1130554 P1130534

Definitely the best Christmas market I’ve been to so far this year – plenty of choice, lots of space and a good variety of prices. If you’re not Christmassed out yet (erm, like me), it’s definitely one to check out.P1130526