Rockefeller Christmas TreeTonight I headed to the city’s most iconic Christmas landmark: The Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

Ever since 1933, the 100-ft tree has lit up the base of the Rock in Midtown and now it towers over flitting ice skaters and swarms of aimless tourists. Its lights were switched on last week and today was my first chance to get up there to get a glimpse.P1130927 P1130939 P1130935

Okay, so I know this is going to sound silly, but it’s actually not as big as I thought it’d be. I mean, it’s huge, but it sits at the base of the Rock, so it looks comparatively teeny. But of course, it’s very pretty and gives this gorgeous focal point to all the Christmas cheer at the square.

Beneath the tree is the ice rink – which again, is smaller than it looks in the movies. It’s a little squished on the weekends but tonight, it didn’t took too busy at all… although sadly, I didn’t see any spectacular stumbles.P1130942

P1130919Facing the tree are rows of illuminated angels. And behind them is a slide show projected onto the side of the building. Presents danced across the building as I snapped pictures and stayed patient despite the tourists.P1130928 P1130934

This is a gorgeous spot and the tree is lovely. As long as you expect the tourists and don’t let them affect you, it’s a perfect spot to lap up the Christmas spirit. And if you get a chance and are wrapped up warm, head there tomorrow – snow is on its way!P1130917