(First of all – sorry that my blogs have been so late this week! I had no power over Christmas thanks to a big storm in the UK. Bear with me and I’ll pop up the last week’s posts now…)

P1140522When I was home in Sussex last month, Mummy Warren and I toured Wakehurst Place and its gorgeous grounds for the first time. While there, I also spotted England’s tallest Christmas tree – but it hadn’t yet been lit. Today, squeezed between family reunions and a local tour for Ryan, I headed back to see it in its full glory.

Unfortunately, by the time we reached it, the park was closed so we could only check it out from the road. Not to worry though – the redwood is 121ft tall so its 2,000y glistening lights could still be seen from the winding country track out front.

And from that distance, with the strings of white lights draping its branches and no other lights beneath the dark sky, it was a real beauty. There was something silent but powerful about it.


(c) BBC

This is what it looks like from a little closer: