P1150153Guys, I’ve done it!

Since January 2013, I have done a new thing every single day here in New York City (okay, I also went on a fair few trips out of New York – but I did new things there too!). The thought has made me a bit emotional to be honest. Lots of people said, ‘yeah good luck with that’ when I told them my plan a year ago and guess what? I’ve done ittt

I’m going to get around to summarizing the best and worst activities of 2013 in another blog post, but tonight it was all about the celebrations.

Faced with the prospect of the Snowpocalypse, Jolie, Louise and I decided to seek some shelter in the most celebratory place we could find (that was still open): A champagne bar.

We were the only people on the streets as we shuffled through the snow to the Bubble Lounge in Tribeca. I’d feared that our snowboots and dripping noses were going to be too scruffy for a champagne bar, but thankfully the (bored) staff welcomed us into the warmth. This place was lovely.20140103-101438.jpg P1150142 P1150164 P1150170

The champagnes were pricey, but it’s not every day you complete a year of new things, so I splashed out by pointing at the first thing I could pronounce on the menu. The ladies opted for cocktails and snacks.P1150144P1150149 P1150150 P1150152 P1150155P1150160 P1150161

And then we said ‘cheers!’ to my feat.P1150157 P1150156

I thought this was an appropriate way to end the blog. It’s a sort of nod to the next year, which I hope will be more social. As I’ll explain in my summary blog, this year has been so fantastic for so many reasons, but the one thing I’ve grown to resent is how I’ve had to say no to friends or colleagues who are going out for a drink. ‘Sorry guys, I’ve got to dash up town to play musical chairs with a bunch of strangers.’ So I’m really looking forward to the simple pleasure of just having a drink and not needing to be anywhere – and this seemed a great place to start.

Thanks ladies!

Thanks ladies! (I was much happier about it than I look)

I’ll be back this weekend with my highlights of 2013 and my plans for 2014, but until then, thank you so much for following me throughout this year – for your comments, suggestions and encouragement. I’m definitely going to feel a little lost with all the free time I’m going to have. Here’s to 2014!

Back to the snow

Back to the snow