(c) Deneka Peniston

(c) Deneka Peniston

Okay, I cracked! I lasted a whole two days without doing something new.

On Saturday night, I headed to a Lower East Side music venue I’d never been to before: Bowery Ballroom. It’s hosted a whole range of acts – from Lauryn Hill and Kanye West to Queens of the Stone Age and the Pixies. And tonight it welcomed my favorites: Ryan and his band, the Discosticks.

The Discosticks – an all-male band – cover songs by female singers with louder guitars and slightly more nudity. Ryan, who tends to keep his clothes on, plays bass and sings beside Shane on lead vocals, Mykee on vocals and guitar and Dan on drums.

As well as being great musicians, they’re hilarious to watch. The best part is when they play in a manky bar full of straggly guys covered in tattoos – who somehow know all the words to a Kelly Clarkson song.

But tonight the manky bars were long gone. They stormed through their set, which included Madonna, The Bangles and Lady Gaga, as the crowds whooped with joy and bopped beneath them.

(c) Deneka Peniston

(c) Deneka Peniston

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(c) Deneka Peniston

(c) John Huntington

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Then came ‘Guns N’ Hoses‘, a – you got it – female Guns N’ Roses cover band. These lovely ladies embraced the musicians’ personas and introduced their own takes on Slash and Duff: Gash and Muff.P1000053

P1000051The headlining act was ‘Girls Girls Girls‘, a bigger, louder female cover band clad in leather and chains and devoted to Motley Crue. The spectacle was pretty amazing and it was impressive that they played a whole album from start to finish… but unfortunately I knew none of the songs.P1000093 P1000075 P1000076
Fight between the bands yeeahh

Fight between the bands yeeahhh

This is a great venue – the sound is fantastic and you can mill between the ground floor and the balcony level without issue. It’s not too huge (about 800 capacity) so you have a great view of the acts, wherever you stand.

Guns N’ Hoses and Girls Girls Girls were brilliant musicians who’d studied their characters extensively – but the Discosticks were the best act of the night. Call me biased! but I much preferred hearing a variety of well-known songs from different artists, rather than song after song that I didn’t know. Sorry ladies, I’ll study ahead next time.

To stay in the loop about upcoming Discosticks shows, check out their Facebook page. They also have some far superior photos of the night posted there, including the ones I ‘borrowed’ from Deneka Peniston.