I know. I’ve not blogged in a week. It’s the first time in more than a year that I’ve headed home, eaten dinner and watched TV. And it feels terrible.

Yesterday, my restlessness finally reached a crescendo. So after work, Ryan and I wandered to a tiny gallery just around the corner from my SoHo office: The Impossible Project Space.

I had no idea this place was even here. On Broadway, just before we hit Canal, we entered an apparent apartment entrance and took a teeny tiny elevator to the fifth floor – where there was a hidden Polaroid camera and film store. It was simply furnished, sparsely stocked and had a photo booth in the corner – complete with posing props like monkey masks and hats – for $2 a snap.P1000559 P1000568

Along one wall was the reason we came – ‘Portroids‘, a collection of Polaroids showing celebrities, all taken by Rick DeMint. The exhibit, which I’d first read about on Buzzfeed, contains 160 pictures by DeMint, who has captured more than 2,000 people since 2003.

Among his victims are Bruce Willis, Michael Cera, Joan Rivers, Gene Wilder and Alicia Keys. He’s caught some walking along the street, others at stage doors or red carpets and others at planned photoshoots.P1000566P1000564 P1000558

It was smaller than I imagined, but still fun to see. The images were so endearing – not just because of the simple format of the pictures or their gentle sun-kissed hues, but also because of their hurried, one-off nature.

The images showed each person looking at the camera, with various degrees of shock or mischief across their faces. Some, like Amy Poehler’s or Kristen Wiig’s, were particularly great because they were just so natural – a simple relaxed smile, no makeup, and a reminder that they’re just people, after all.

Spot a lovely-looking Amy

Spot a lovely-looking Amy


P1000561While I wouldn’t trek across the city to see this exhibition (especially when you can see DeMint’s impressive collection of prints on his Tumblr), it was fun to test my knowledge of famous faces while also appreciating DeMint’s massive effort to collect them all.

It’s good to be back!P1000560