There was something amiss when I left work tonight… It was still light.

(Still lots of snow though)

(Still lots of snow though)

Feeling there were hours ahead of me before I needed to be anywhere, I decided to check out a gallery a few blocks from the office that I’d seen mentioned by the MurphGuide: the Morrison Hotel Gallery. I’d read that it was hosting a collection of Beatles photos that had been hand-selected by John Lennon’s son, Julian, for the 50th anniversary of the band’s appearance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’.P1000667

The Morrison Hotel Gallery has recently moved – it used live in a gallery at street level but, due to increasing rents, it was nudged about four buildings eastward and one floor up. This means it’s away from the hubbub of the street, so while you might not notice it when you walk past, it’s much more intimate when you’re up there.P1000664P1000659

Along the walls are neon prints of each Beatle and 25 black-and-white photographs that capture the Fab Four on their travels throughout the U.S. in the 60s. It’s a real selection, and some have never been seen before: the musicians swarmed by crowds as they land, strutting their stuff on stage, pretending as if they’re not posing during photo shoots and then – the best – them at ease as they hang out together or grab a second of reflection on the beach. P1000657Beatles P1000662 P1000661

Because of this, there’s no cohesion to the exhibit. While it makes for a bit of a hodge podge, there’s no denying the images are each really compelling and powerful. It’s also funny how engaged George, John and Paul look throughout and yet, every time, Ringo looks as if he’s not quite there. Haha.

A nice nod to the 50th anniversary of the band’s visit and a great post-work discovery. If you’re down on Prince and Wooster, check it out!P1000663