While Heather’s visiting, I want to give her a taste of my favourite things to do in the city. And what’s more tasty than a cocktail from one of New York’s bars?

I wanted to show her the classier side of my habit so we headed to Stuyvesant Street and met outside a Japanese restaurant and Sunrise Mart.Outside Angel's Share

‘But!’ I hear you cry. ‘There’s not a bar in sight!’ Well, come upstairs…Angel's Share

Still not convinced? How about behind this door?P1000836

Aha! A little bar!

Aha! A little bar!

Hidden inside is Angel’s Share – a skinny bar lined with dark, intimate tables and Japanese murals. A waiter swiftly led us to our seats in another hidden room.P1000831

It was snug, and we settled between old friends catching up and a first date that sounded more like a job interview.

Then to the important bit – the bevvies. There are so many fascinating flavor combinations, as well as both hot and cold drinks (the hot ones come in metal mugs), so there’s something for everyone. Yes, the prices are steep (around $16 a cocktail) but the drinks are potent. They’re giving you the good stuff.

Heather opted for a sherry-based cocktail, while I went for the Swanky Hanky Panky – and only partly for the name. It was Gordon’s gin, sweet vermouth, Fernet Branca (an Italian bitter) and Perrier Jouet Champagne, topped with an orange twist.P1000825P1000826 P1000820 P1000827 P1000824

It was deep but refreshing, and after a day of eating cucumber and lettuce at my desk, I could definitely feel its effects. What was that about me being classy?

We agreed that one was enough, but there were plenty of others we’d love to try another time.

I thought a lot of this place – attentive bartenders, an interesting menu and intimate enough for a date while still being pretty spacious. It’s clearly popular but surprisingly, it didn’t start filling up until about 8pm, so in the future I’d feel confident about walking in and getting a table at any point early in the evening. (You’re not allowed to stand at the bar, so nabbing a table is a must.)

A little tipsy and chuffed with our choice, we stumbled back home. This was a great spot for a visitor – I feel as though Heather’s now seen something in New York that not every other tourist is privy to. And did I mention it was delicious?

Our view from the bar - rainy New York!

Our view from the bar – rainy New York!