Despite the chill that’s gripped New York, I was itching for a walk after work and decided to head to the West Village – an area of Manhattan I don’t know too well. Blowing into my hands, I meandered through the diagonal streets, admiring the typically New York apartment blocks with fire escapes snaking up their sides.

But among all that New York is a little bit of Europe. Walk down 11th Street and just before you hit the Hudson River, look up. You can’t miss it.20140227-200939.jpg

20140227-200944.jpgThis is the Palazzo Chupi, an out-of-place tower the color of Pepto Bismol that’s built on top of a former horse stable – with the big wide stable doors to prove it.20140227-200953.jpg 20140227-200918.jpg 20140227-200928.jpg

It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in the city and would definitely fit in better overlooking Gaudi’s fountain in Barcelona than the Jersey skyline. And for that reason, it’s particularly special.

It’s the work of Julian Schnabel, an artist who built the tower, painted it fluorescent pink and filled it with hand-sculpted fire places, works of art, tiles and a massive swimming pool (sadly none are visible from this spot on the street).

I peeked around the corner as it got darker.20140227-200855.jpg I had every intention to check out the New Jersey skyline after that but I’m sorry, it was freezing and my feet were in pain. So I waved goodbye and scuttled home, happy to have sought out this bizarre corner of the city.20140227-200913.jpg