The last time I went on an Easter egg hunt was in Atlanta about five years ago, courtesy of my friend James:Easter Egg Hunt Easter egg hunt

But I’ve discovered that leaving school and being a grown up means that no one organizes an egg hunt for you anymore. Thankfully, there’s always New York.

Over the weekend, the Big Egg Hunt hid more than 200 eggs each designed by an artist – including Jeff Koons, Tracey Emin and Ralph Lauren – across the city. They popped them in restaurants, gardens, shops and on street corners.

Now, they’re big – about two-feet tall each – and vividly colored, so you’d think they would be pretty easy to spot. But in a city this size…? I got cracking on the streets of SoHo after work to see how easy it was.

I headed down to Chinatown and as I walked along Mott Street, I glanced inside an optometrists, and – what’s that?P1010909 P1010903

Hurrah, egg # 160! It was designed by Robert Oxnam, the former head of the Asia Society.

Each egg stand has a code on it that you can scan into the app to add to your ‘basket’. The app also shows other eggs nearby that have been claimed at least five times.Egg Hunt

But eggs that haven’t yet been found don’t appear on the map, so I kept looking. I headed north along Mulberry Street, which took me through Little Italy, where I found more:Egg Hunt Egg Hunt P1010929Egg Hunt P1010925 P1010924 P1010933 P1010934

After spotting three along Mulberry Street, I took a right down Prince Street and found a couple that weren’t on the map.

Then, in a shoe store, some workers pointed out that there was another hidden in the New Museum across the street. Yessss.

Can you see it?

Can you see it?

P1010945 P1010943 P1010948

P1010954I don’t think I’ll have any chance of getting my paws on the prize – a Faberge gem encrusted egg pendant – but it was still fun, and surprisingly addictive. I also loved seeing other residents and visitors – many of them adults on their own like me – rushing along the streets and scrambling for egg pictures to send to the app. And looking at their images on the website’s gallery and across social media, there are so many eggs with really fantastic, inventive designs, so I hope I find more.

See if you can spot any – you have a couple more weeks – and I’ll let you know if I find any egg-stras!

For more information, check out the Faberge Big Egg Hunt website here, then get cracking! Don’t chicken out! Okay okay, I’ll stop with all the terrible yolks.

Don't forget the app!

Don’t forget the app!