The KelpiesAs great as the Tartan Day Parade was on Saturday, it wasn’t enough of a Scotland fix, so I headed to Bryant Park for another.

I knew it was hosting The Kelpies – two massive horse sculptures by Scottish artist Andy Scott (yes, Scott) that celebrate the nation’s reliance on horses throughout the years. But after seeing online that the horse heads were enormous (you can see them here), I couldn’t fathom how on earth they were going to fit in Bryant Park – or how they were going to get there. I quickly realized I was being a bit dense.

While America does most things bigger, there’s less space in Midtown than on the rolling hills of Scotland. So instead, we’ve got two scaled-down versions of the 100 ft tall horse heads. These ones are just 15 ft tall.The Kelpies The Kelpies The Kelpies The Kelpies

But as a reminder of their actual size, look closely and you’ll see a mini human gazing up in wonder at them.

And I understood his fascination… they’re so beautifully crafted and they easily command this corner of the park. I can only imagine how breathtaking they must be as they stand at 100 ft tall over Falkirk in Scotland.The Kelpies The Kelpies

The Kelpies are going to be in the park for a month, so go and have a look. And don’t worry that they’re the wee versions – you can’t miss them!The Kelpies