Rebecca and I both went to university in St Andrews and graduated the same year, but we actually met in Atlanta. And as soon as we did, it was love.

Rebecca and I when we were children, circa 2009

Rebecca and I when we were children, circa 2009

Sadly, Simon beat me to it. So last week, Ryan and I traveled to Edinburgh for their wedding, which was held on the Royal Mile (near to the castle) and then at a restaurant they’d taken over. I was so excited to see Rebecca and our other friends – and also looking forward to a wedding in Scotland (where Simon grew up) with German twists (courtesy of Rebecca’s family). And it didn’t disappoint – plenty of kilts, bagpipers, accents and even a mini that just about made it up the hill.

The service was at the Registrar so Ryan and I headed nearby to St Giles’ Cathedral and met up with Lindsay and Jen.wedding14 wedding2

Then we headed inside for vows, snogging and a glimpse of Rebecca’s gorgeous

Followed by cheers for the new Mr and Mrs Mitchell!


Then we headed across town, raised our glasses to the fab couple – and partied.wedding9wedding4 wedding8


The wedding was gorgeous – so many little personal touches nodding to their days at St Andrews, which brought them together from the far corners of Scotland and Deutschland. (And a couple of days after the wedding, Ryan and I slathered that homemade jam on some crumpets – and it was glorious.)wedding5wedding6Sadly there was no kilt for Ryan, but he did impress me with his vigor on the dance floor. The ceilidh (the word for Scottish dancing, pronounced ‘kay-lee’) was definitely a new experience for him and a knackering one for me. It flung me right back to my St Andrews days, as I desperately tried to figure out whether to turn this way or that.
wedding11 wedding12 wedding10

What a brilliant celebration with brilliant people. Congratulations die Schmitchells! I wish you lots of love and so much happiness. And danke fur having mich!

Me and my new friends might have had a bit too much

Me and my new friends might have had a bit too much