Some of my most horrifying memories – Portuguese strippers, early-morning dashes to the ER – are from bachelorette parties. So when Ryan said that his high school friend Nick was hanging out at Fire Island for his bachelor blowout, I thought it sounded like a much saner idea.

And even better – Nick and his fiancée Christine were having a joint bachelor and bachelorette party, which meant that I could go too. I know sharing parties isn’t really the rule, but I like the idea. I’d pick sun, sand and hanging out with friends over Portuguese strippers any day, thanks.

So on Sunday, Ryan and I jumped in the car to Bay Shore, where we climbed aboard the ferry to Ocean Beach. About half an hour later, we arrived at the dock.


Fire-IslandFrom what I could work out, Fire Island is basically a long skinny strip of land off the south coast of Long Island. You get off the ferry on one side of the strip and walk through beach houses to get to the beach on the other side.

Fire-Island6 Fire-Island2 Fire-Island3

We dipped our toes into the freezing water and, as the beach babes snoozed, I learned how to throw an American football (well, nearly). But when someone pulled out a Frisbee, I knew it was my time to sit out and check out the view >>


<< Nick <3 Christine

We headed back to the group’s house for a couple of beers on the deck. The houses on Fire Island seemed really crammed in – some are immaculate while others still show watermarks from Sandy – but somehow you don’t feel over-looked when you sit outside. It’s the perfect place to rent somewhere with a group of friends for a weekend.

Next we decided to check out the bars and settled on Houser’s, where Ryan and James happily feasted on lobsters while I eyed them disapprovingly over my veggie tacos. I’m sorry boys, but those lobsters were manky. While I’m usually completely fine with people eating meat in front of me, I’ve never actually seen anyone eat a lobster up close. They looked like large insects – which Ryan and James ate.

Fire-Island7 Fire-Island8 Fire-Island9 Fire-Island10

Feeling both relaxed and nauseous, we took one final walk around (stopping into Ice Castle for ice cream) then climbed aboard the ferry and back to Brooklyn.


Fire-Island13 Fire-Island14

I know I’ve been harping on recently about the joys of getting out of the city into some green space, but sitting with the sun on my face and dipping my toes in the water made me feel even further away. In the car on the way back home, I felt so relaxed and content. I only wish we’d stayed for longer.

Although I must say that I didn’t avoid creating horrifying memories on this bachelorette party either. I’ll opt for the stripper over the lobster, please.

For information on Fire Island, visit the tourist site. Going by car and parking ($15) before jumping on the ferry ($17 round trip) makes the most sense, but you can also get there by by bus or Long Island Rail Road. See here for more detailed travel information.


<< Roxy was tired out too