I’ve loved living in the East Village – the coffee! the food! the transport! the very suspicious smells! – but I’ve decided to make the move to Brooklyn with Ryan. We both love Carroll Gardens (just look at how leafy it is!) so we’re hoping to nab a place there. But I’ve only been semi honest with Ryan about my reasons for choosing it… A lot of it is actually because of Farmacy.

This weekend, we were lured inside Farmacy – a soda fountain bar – by its olde decor and promises of cream-topped sundaes.

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The bar is tended by hipsters in paper hats who serve up huge scoops of ice cream. We watched as they sliced hefty portions of pie and mused over the menu.

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Ryan went for ginger pop with a scoop of vanilla ice cream while I got stuck into a mint choc chip milkshake. Oh wow, it was perfect.

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While the treats will no doubt make your waistline bigger, they’ll also slim down your wallet. That said, you definitely get a very (un)healthy portion. I watched in amazement/horror as they put together a massive sundae called ‘The Mr Potato Head’: vanilla ice cream, generous scoops of peanut butter, caramel sauce, fresh whipped cream and potato chips.

It’s also a great place to stock up on Brooklyn-made products, including McClure’s Bloody Mary mix, ginger syrups by Morris Kitchen and Farmacy’s own packaged cookies.

Farmacy is such a sweet spot. Ryan is looking forward to finding a favorite neighborhood bar – but after this visit, I’ve already found mine.