Despite what my Instagram feed might suggest, I swear I’m not a doughnut addict. Well… not yet. Ryan and I bought a fresh batch from Baked In Brooklyn to share with his family last weekend – and although they were the first I’d had in years, they convinced me they’re all I should eat, ever.

Yesterday, after a trying day, I decided to sample some more from the Doughnut Plant – a Lower East Side bakery rumored to make some of the most glorious in New York City.

The mostly organic store, which also has a location in Chelsea, never puts artificial flavors or preservatives in its products. And its menu is lip-lickingly good: cake doughnuts, yeast doughnuts, filled doughnuts and even square doughnuts in flavors from carrot cake and creme brulee to peanut butter with blackberry jam.

Doughnut Plant Doughnut Plant Doughnut Plant

After musing over the menu for about 10 minutes, I selected two – a lavender flower yeast doughnut and a vanilla square doughnut filled with homemade strawberry jam.

Doughnut Plant

I rushed over to Ryan’s so we could try them out.

The square doughnut was light and the jam had actual chunks of fruit inside. The lavender one was far more fun though – it tasted flowery without being too overpowering. I don’t think I’d opt for it again (hand me the peanut butter please), but it was interesting to try all the same.

Doughnut Plant Doughnut Plant

Of course, anything fried and doused in sugar is going to be delicious, but I couldn’t help but think that the ones I bought from Baked in Brooklyn (for less) last weekend topped them. Hmm, maybe I’m not giving them a fair chance. I should probably head back, you know, just to be sure…

(Here are the Instagrammed ones we had from Baked in B — sprinkle-covered, Oreo flavored, jam filled and all round very delicious.)

Breakfast treats 

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