I have basically used my staycation this week to settle in to my new neighborhood – and there’s a lot to love. I had been really looking forward to moving here, but Ryan and I both agree it’s even better than we’d imagined. I don’t think I can fully describe how glad I am to be living in this beautiful nook of the city with him and Georgia.

Here are some things that have made me especially happy this week:


My morning walks through the dappled sunlight with George. It’s felt like such a luxury to be walking her along the quiet streets to get a mid-morning coffee. She hasn’t stopped smiling since we moved in.


The beauty of ZogSports. The organization hosts social sports games and this week I joined the IT guys from my office in their bowling league at Frames at Port Authority. Even though I was single-handedly responsible for making them lose, we had a hilarious night out (during which I broke the record for the slowest bowl ever… 2.3mph… yes, really). I’ve worked with some of those guys for years and never spoken to them, so thanks for finally bringing us together, ZogSports!


The city’s summer heat. Last weekend I was thinking about how much cooler the summer has been this year – but now I’ve realized that it’d just because I’ve been in an air-conditioned office the whole time. Ryan and I snacked on sandwiches in Bryant Park earlier this week and it was beautifully sweltering. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out!


Learning that Mazzola Bakery opens its doors at 6am. Since working in New York, I’ve struggled to find a coffee shop apart from Starbucks that opens before 7am (which is when I start work every morning). So I was ridiculously excited to find out that my new favorite neighborhood bakery will be ready to take my order when I stumble out of the house each day.


This chalk I came across on President Street. I’ve actually noticed a lack of street art here (the only thing I’ve really missed), but thankfully this one makes up for it. They’re smart here in BK.

Next week I’ll actually get back in to Manhattan, I promise! Have a lovely weekend, all.