From new street art to The Jackson 5 taking over my local subway station, here are some things that have made me smile this week.


Seeing The Flower Guy‘s latest work (and recognizing it). Before moving to New York, I knew very little about street art, but in the past few years I’ve taken some cracking tours that have made me appreciate the talent around me. This piece went up on Mulberry Street last week – I love how cheery his work is.


Hearing some beautiful music on the subway. Some subway buskers really are fantastic and this week I had the pleasure of hearing Terrell Q. Lane as I waited for the northbound R at Canal Street. A mesmerizing voice and a lovely guy.


This simple memorial for the great, irreplaceable Robin Williams, right outside my office in SoHo.


Being surprised to see who the station manager is at my local subway stop. (He must’ve changed the spelling.)


Getting a glimpse of the Empire State Building looking surprisingly modest from Madison Square Garden on Thursday evening. I’ve not been north of 14th street in nearly two weeks so it reminded me what I’ve been missing.

And finally :: Living somewhere people want to visit. This week I had a coffee date with a London friend, Jen, who was here on holiday. And weekends for the rest of the year are filling up with visitors who are either coming to stay or popping by as they pass through. New York is a magnet, and I love how it gives me these little bursts of home.

Have a great weekend!