You know what? I’m really glad I’ve been doing these round-ups. Every Friday – the day I reflect on the things I’ve loved about that week – I initially wonder what on earth I’m going to be writing about. Especially because I’m no longer doing a new thing every day (and I still feel guilty about it…). But after grabbing my camera and giving myself about 10 seconds to think, it really doesn’t take long to remember things I’ve loved – from food to friends to that frickin amazing skyline. I struggle to whittle them down, in the end. I’m glad I’ve been taking time to appreciate them.

That’s enough of the soppy stuff. Here are some things I’ve loved about NYC this week…

Georgetown Cupcakes

1 :: Georgetown Cupcakes. I’m actually not the biggest cupcake fan – the icing is always too thick and the cake is always too dense – but Georgetown on Mercer in SoHo gets them just right. They’re so light. This week we got some to say farewell to Helen in our office (she’s heading to Perth, Australia to become a florist – check out her Instagram here) so this mint cake gave me some brief comfort.


2 :: This colorful water tower spotted from the Manhattan Bridge. It’s the work of artist Tom Fruin and uses 1,000 pieces of plexiglass salvaged from across New York City. Gorgeous.


3 :: This sushi toy spotted in a store along Court Street in my neighborhood. It has to be the most Brooklyn thing I’ve ever seen.


4 :: Learning to scuba dive. This week, Ryan and I completed our scuba certification, hurrahhh. We’ve been training with Scuba Network on W 21st Street and on Sunday, we headed to Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania (just an hour-and-a-half from the city) with the team to get certified. Now we’ve just gotta book a holiday…


5 :: People-watching in Midtown. I was up in the area earlier this week and had twenty minutes to kill, so grabbed a coffee at Pie Face. It’s easy for me to roll my eyes at horrendously busy Midtown, but I was actually left smiling watching a woman somehow dodging the crowds with her nose in a book, a dog walker pulling 12 dogs on a leash, and a group of bros laughing until they cried.


And finally :: This attitude to work (above). We should all take a leaf out of this guy’s book.

Oh, and one more photo from our drive to Pennsylvania. Check out those fluffy clouds!