This waterfront home – with unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline and some very colorful decor – is the hottest property in NYC right now.

Tom Fruin House

You can’t actually live there (and not just because you can’t afford it), but you can visit – and you really, really should.

The plexiglas house, ‘Kolonihavehus’, is the creation of Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin, who also created that colorful water tower you might have seen from the Manhattan Bridge:

Tom Fruin Water Tower

(He’s also just made an unbelievable plexiglas version of the Statue of Liberty’s flame, too.)

For his Kolonihavehus, he patched together 1,000 pieces of plexiglas reclaimed from across Copenhagen. The work is named after a small garden shed that was initially supposed to give Copenhagen’s workers a refuge from cramped living conditions in the city.

Tom Fruin House Tom Fruin House Tom Fruin House

Isn’t she a beauty?

I visited in the middle of a crisp autumn day but I’ve seen other pictures of the house at night or during sunset, and they show the amazing colors the plexiglass beams across the ground.
The house was constructed here for Dumbo arts festival but it’s on show right beside Jane’s Carousel until June of next year. I’m not sure it’ll provide the best insulation over the winter months, but it’ll still be pretty – especially when the snow starts falling.

For more info about Fruin and more pictures of his house, look here.